• air conditioner
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Personal protective
  • Social distancing
  • shower
  • Free WiFi
  • Parking included
  • non-smoking
  • LED-TV

Reception Hours

Check in Time:- 3pm

Check out Time:- 10am

Reception Hours:- 7.30am - 9pm

After Hours:- If you expect to arrive after 9pm then we kindly ask that you contact the Lodge directly on 02 6457 5170 on the morning of your arrival.


Arrival procedures:

In line with our COVID Safe policy we will be guided by Federal and State guidelines and so we ask that you ensure you meet any current guidelines prior to arriving at the Lions Lair Lodge. Out of respect for your fellow guests we do ask that you are up to date with Covid-19 vaccinations and if you are displaying symptoms we would recommend that you do not travel.


We have introduced signage throughout the lodge to remind all guests to maintain a safe distance from each other in all common areas and to use the provided hand sanitiser as necessary -e.g: prior to breakfast, when using the TV remote control, etc.

Cleaning and Sanitising:

The common areas of the lodge are cleaned every day and all bedrooms and bathrooms are hygienically cleaned and sanitized before the arrival of the respective guests.

Common Areas:

When guests are using the common areas of the lodge, we ask not to crowd and maintain the recommended 1.5 metres from other guests if not in the same group. This procedure is also maintained by our staff.

Cancellation of booking due to COVID:

As of January 2023 the Federal Government has downgraded the COVID-19 virus to the requirements similar to the common cold and flu and so it is up to to the general population to stay safe and seek medical advice. In light of this change please note that COVID-19 related cancellations will attract the same terms and conditions as outlined within our standard booking procedure.